Brianna's Story

The following is just one of many stories of those affected by brain cancer and is why we need to find a cure for brain cancer.  Join our fight by registering, donating or sponsoring the 2016 Brain Tumor Run for Research 5k.  All proceeds benefit the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure ( 


My daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor on July 16th 2012. She was 2 years old at the time. She also has hydrocephalus and NF 1.

It started as she was just a small and shy baby girl. Well, her daycare teacher kept telling me something wasn't right. She was much smaller then the kids in her room and she stopped talking and being potty trained. Her balance was really off. I just thought she was a clumsy girl. Took her to the doctor just to satisfy her daycare teacher.

Her pediatrician said she had a major ear infection. Brianna never said her ears hurt or anything. I was very surprised to hear she had an ear infection. That was on Monday. By Friday she stopped eating, peeing on her self and not knowing she had peed. Could not walk anymore. I took her back to the doctor who sent to me to Sacred Heart. They did a CT scan and found she had a massive amount of fluid on her brain and needed to have surgery. At that time Sacred Heart didn't have a surgeon to do the surgery so they had to life flight us to UAB to have it done.

The plan was to drill a hole to help drain the fluid. I said ok and they took her back for surgery. About 45 minutes in I see the surgeon running down the hall to me and my husband. The doctor explained she had a large tumor blocking where they want to drill and there is no way he can get close to it. Most of that conversation I don't remember. He finished saying he had to put in a vp shunt to drain the fluid and she will need chemotherapy to kill the tumor. After the shock of having heard your baby may die, I hit the floor and cried for hours. The doctors came and got us after they finished and said the shunt is in place the fluid is draining and she is doing just fine.

We stayed in Birmingham Alabama for almost a week. She had to relearn how to walk, eat and go potty again. When we got home she went back into surgery for her medi port to start chemo. About another week later she started chemo, physical therapy, early steps to help her fine motor skills. She had about 4 appointments a week, so I quite my job and took care of her. Thank God my husband has a great job and is very understanding. We did chemo every Wednesday until August 28th, 2013. Next Thursday will mark her one year cancer free.

Brianna is still doing physical therapy, but she is a happy and healthy 4 year old girl. She called her tumor "the dragon" and now her dragon is sleeping. It's still there but it's dormant. That's ok with me. I'll take that over something worse. Thanks so much for reading Brianna's story!!

August 22, 2014

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