Valerie's Story

The following is just one of many stories of those affected by brain cancer and is why we need to find a cure for brain cancer.  Join our fight by registering, donating or sponsoring the 2016 Brain Tumor Run for Research 5k.  All proceeds benefit the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure ( 

My Story – Valerie Fisher

I was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer at 30 years old. Medically speaking, the cancer is referred to as an Anaplastic Astrocytoma. Personally, it’s an invasion of privacy.

At this point in my life, I had expected a different prognosis. What I needed to do with this new information was realize that cancer can be a bitter blessing rather than a curse in disguise. I had plans, so many plans at 30 years old. Neither included a terminal illness that would permanently jolt my entire life and those who cared for and loved me.

I began to call it my cancer, my craniotomy, my chemotherapy, and my radiation. When the doctors told me about each step I had to go through to try and fight the disease, I knew I had to be very aggressive with every treatment available. There was no way out because I was already halfway in, and I had a life to live for my family, those who care for me, and a past and future.

It is ironic, it’s been four years since I was diagnosed and I can remember every day as if I was living it all over again, but I have trouble retracing my steps. The daily struggle to stop redoing the same thing over and over again to only remember to do it the right way the second time is heartbreaking. As a teenager, I seriously remember dreaming to have short hair like Meg Ryan at 30 years old, and to work with children with mental challenges. At 30, I found myself being threatened with death, so I did what anyone else would do at this time. I began fighting for my life.

No one can tell you, I know what you’re going through until they’ve gone through it. Even imagining the feeling is impossible, but empathy is supportive. I watched my family watch me crumble through brain surgery, 42 days of chemotherapy, 33 days of radiation, 12 months of chemotherapy, hair loss, depression, and so much more that’s not worth mentioning because it’s cancer behind the scenes. I took one semester off from my bachelor degree for surgery, and returned to finish my degree in Social Work while in the hardest part of treatment. Meanwhile, I took care of my growing 6 year old daughter.

While my story keeps going every day, it means nothing because at the end of my day I have purpose of life to live with hope. I know that everyone else is living a battle and mine is another story to be lived.

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